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Autodesk® Inventor HSM™ – Did you know?

Tad Whitchurch

After nearly 30 years of involvement in the CAM industry, the consensus at Hagerman & Company is that Autodesk® Inventor HSM™ is the most user-friendly and intuitive CAM software on the market. These many years of experience have taught us a number of things not necessarily known by prospects or even regular users, which I would like to delve into a bit in the article below.

First, there are three different HSM products for Inventor:


  • Did you know that Autodesk Inventor HSM Express does not include Inventor?
  • Did you know that Autodesk Inventor HSM does include a seat of Inventor?
  • Did you know that Autodesk Inventor HSM Pro includes a seat of Inventor Professional which adds FEA, Tube & Pipe and Wire harness functionality?
  • Did you know that Inventor can open the standard file types, such as AutoCAD DXF, IGES and STEP etc., but can also open native Catia, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, and NX files?



There is no need to purchase multiple CAD or CAM systems.  Inventor and Inventor HSM solutions can handle everything!

Did you know that Inventor HSM has its own Options area, which is separate from the Inventor Options?  You can adjust the HSM User Interface and Browser setting, including having the tool numbers displayed on each operation.  You can also use a different G-Code editor and from within the Options dialog configure HSM to use your favorite editor instead of the one that is included with the software.


Did you know that you can compare multiple operations in a single form and even make edits to them individually?

  • Using the Browser, simply multi-select the operations in question
  • Right mouse click to access the pop up menu
  • Select Compare and Edit…


  • A form will pop up like the image below highlighting the difference between the operations.  With your mouse you may then click on parameters to change them on the spot.


This is only a small sampling of features available through Inventor HSM.  I hope to build on this list in future newsletters.   For further information, please contact your local Hagerman sales representative.  Let our experience demonstrate to you how Inventor HSM can benefit your business!