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A note from our CEO about COVID-19

Posted by hagermancompany on Mar 17, 2020 10:23:13 AM

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting communities and families around the world, our priority is to ensure the health and well being of our employees and customers. Even though the disruption to our everyday lives is unprecedented, we want to assure you that Hagerman & Company has the infrastructure and resources in place to serve and support our customers without interruption. Virtual training, support and software deployments are a part of our daily operation, and we are well positioned to continue business as usual.

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Common Document Management Implementation Mistakes

Posted by Matt Lane on Mar 12, 2020 3:20:00 PM

At Hagerman & Company, we have performed well over 1,200 successful document management implementations for customers over the last 25 years.  During that time, we have learned a lot (and plan on continuing to learn a lot more!)  Here I will outline a few of the common mistakes that we see during and after these implementation projects.

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Clean Your Keyboard

Posted by Travis Nave on Mar 9, 2020 10:43:06 AM

You have probably seen the headline before, "Study shows your keyboard has more germs than your toilet seat."  Shocking, right?  With Coronavirus heavily featured in the news today, we are all looking for ways to remove germs from our lives beyond just washing our hands.  I bet you're looking at your keyboard right now and taking note of how grimy it is.  If you think about it, you probably touch it as much as you do your phone.  What good is it to wash your hands in the public restroom and use the paper towel to open the door if you come right back to your desk and start typing on your dirty keyboard? You immediately reclaim all of the germs from every doorknob, coffee pot, and copy machine you touched along the way.  Then you might check the messages on your phone and bring all of those germs straight to your face when your friend calls.  Do you eat at your desk too?  If so, all of those germs go from your keyboard to your bag of chips and into your mouth.  Yummy!  But it's a fair trade for the keyboard, as it gets all of your delicious crumbs. 

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