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Streamline Engineering and Maintenance Communication with Meridian

Posted by Jeremy Clay on Mar 18, 2022 7:51:06 AM
Meridian’s maintenance connection module is designed to significantly improve the maintenance processes for a company. With this module, the maintenance team has direct access to the engineering documentation required for completing their daily tasks. Everyone has access to the same information and can be confident that the documentation is the most current version. Let’s review the ways the Meridian Asset Manage Model can help improve the cost and safety of your daily maintenance project. Topics we will cover:
  • What is the Asset Management Model of Meridian?
  • With what CMM systems can Meridian communicate?
  • How can improved document management cut costs?
  • How improved document management can minimize risks?
  • The benefits of a single point of truth for document management
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Topics: Data Management / PLM, Meridian

How To Easily Manage Your Solidworks Data in the Cloud

Posted by Forrest Judd on Mar 7, 2022 9:17:35 AM

If your organization struggles to collaborate and quickly access accurate, comprehensive information, we can help. Connecting processes, data, and people can give you the edge you need to compete for resources, deliver your products on time, and stay profitable while doing so.

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Topics: Data Management / PLM, Webcast

An Introduction to Autodesk Upchain

Posted by Hagerman & Company on Nov 11, 2021 3:41:13 PM

Learn about Upchain’s capabilities and where it fits into the existing Autodesk data management environments.

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Topics: Data Management / PLM