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What’s New in Your Autodesk Account: Products and Services

Posted by Brett Barkman on Aug 12, 2022 4:01:49 PM


Have you signed into your Autodesk® account recently? The page people go to the most has been updated…again. Updates are good; however, when you're looking for something specific that is not where it was last time you checked, you might get disoriented. We don't want you to feel that way. This article will highlight a few changes you may have already encountered and steer you where you need to go while providing some helpful tips along the way.

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Topics: Installation/Network/Licensing

How to Reset the Autodesk Named User License

Posted by Mark Adams on Mar 10, 2022 2:54:00 PM

It’s nice when our software works as expected, but it can be really frustrating when it doesn't. One of the frustrating issues you may encounter involves licensing. With the Named User "Sign In" based licensing, two components are at work. First, the “Autodesk Licensing Service," and second is the “Single Sign On” module. At times, one or both of these components may be corrupted and need to be reinstalled. If your software hangs on startup at the "Checking License" prompt, it may indicate a corrupt license component. Here are the steps to reset both components.

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Topics: Tips and Tricks, Installation/Network/Licensing

Update Required on Autodesk Network License Manager

Posted by Travis Nave on Feb 4, 2022 10:31:30 AM

On April 1st, 2022, Autodesk requires that customers who still use Network Licenses or Token-Flex update their Autodesk Network License Manager (NLM) to the latest version – which at the time of this article is v11.18.0.0.

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Topics: Tips and Tricks, Installation/Network/Licensing