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AutoCAD Plant 3D and P&ID 2017.1 and 2018 - Spec Driven P&ID Project

Posted by Rick France on Apr 11, 2017 2:00:00 PM

With the release of the AutoCAD® Plant3D and P&ID 2017.1 update, and the new 2018 version just released, came a new feature which enables P&ID to utilize and reference the Plant 3D Specifications for each project. The purpose of the Spec Driven Project on the P&ID side is not to restrict the user but rather inform the user from the Plant 3D Spec itself when components are found (in spec) or not found (off spec). In other words, if using the out-of-the-box Plant 3D CS150 Spec on your P&ID and you added a 30” Primary Line Segment with a 30” Gate Valve, the Gate Valve would be “In Spec” because the Spec includes a 30” Gate Valve, but the Pipe itself would be “Off Spec” because the Spec does not include Pipe larger than 24”.  Depending on the settings at the time, you would be alerted to this while drawing or verifying the P&ID and would know to either update his Specs to include the larger diameter pipe or modify the P&ID to match the Spec.

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Hagerman Plant Solutions and Services

Posted by Matt Lane on Mar 7, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Does your company own and operate large facilities in industries such as automotive assembly, utilities, pipelines, chemicals, primary metals, food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper or other large manufacturing industries? If so, you have unique mission-critical needs for CAD, data management, operations and maintenance, and facility energy management. At Hagerman & Company, we have a tremendous amount of experience and have developed capabilities in these industries that we can share with your organization.

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AutoCAD® P&ID and AutoCAD® Plant 3D Pipe Line Numbers (Revised for Validation)

Posted by Rick France on Jan 11, 2017 1:30:57 PM

This article was originally released in the fall of 2013; however, I have received several emails since then about an issue users were having when validating their projects after implementing the changes in the article. The validation error would be under the heading “Unmatched model inline fittings” and would show every piece of pipe in the 3D model.

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