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Getting Started with Nastran In-CAD

Hagerman & Company


Nastran In-CAD is a very powerful, full-featured FEA tool that is now available within Autodesk’s Product Design & Manufacturing Collection (PD&MC).  This versatile application is aimed squarely at the design engineer who wants to quickly assess product performance prior to building physical prototypes or manufacturing.

To learn how to use the software, there are basic tutorials available; however, in order to maximize the power of this software and get accurate results quickly, professional training is highly recommended.

We are offering a free 2-hour Quick Start Training class which will take you through a condensed training session with one of our professional simulation instructors. We’ll cover:

  • A review of the Finite Element Analysis theory as it is applied in Nastran In-CAD
  • Launching the Nastran In-CAD Environment
  • Assigning materials and understanding their properties
  • An overview of meshing and geometry considerations
  • Interpreting the most commonly used result outputs
  • Managing changes to a design

These concepts will be presented in the context of static stress and steady state thermal analysis. 

For anyone who does not yet have the software, but is curious about its capability, we’d also encourage you to attend this session to find out more.