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Mobile Apps for Autodesk® 360

Hagerman & Company

Everyone has been hearing the phrase, “Go to the cloud!” There has been a lot of talk about making everything more and more connected. That is all great in most cases, but how can that be done with Engineering?

Autodesk has seen the need for making your data available, not only at your desk in the office, but also while out in the field.

One major tool Autodesk introduced is Autodesk 360. All users can have a 360 account which allows you storage space in the Cloud. That is one great first step in making your information more accessible.

But what about when you are not near a computer? With smartphones being such an important part of life these days, it only makes sense to have a method to access your data with those tools. Autodesk has also addressed that concern.

There are a few apps that are quite exciting. The first of which is the Design Review Mobile app. This is a mobile version of the Design Review software that is available to everyone for their laptops and desktops. The mobile version allows the same share, view and markup capabilities.

For those who are using Inventor Publisher to create technical documentation, there is a mobile viewer for those files as well. This means it is not necessary to create videos only to see how the mechanisms go together. You can use the mobile viewer to pan, zoom and rotate to see all possible angles on the assembly.

These are just a couple of the different apps that are available from Autodesk. Check out Google’s Play store, Apple’s iTunes app store or autodesk.com for a complete listing of the different apps that are available today.

submitted by Mark Lautenbach, MCAD Solutions Engineer, Hagerman & Company