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iLogic Customization Increases Efficiency for Benda Conveyor Solutions

Posted by hagermancompany on Nov 11, 2022 3:44:13 PM

The Challenge:

Benda Conveyor Solutions is a manufacturer of high-quality integrated production line systems, headquartered in Tinley Park, IL. The Benda engineering department relies on custom iLogic code to automate some of their Inventor® operations. One feature of the company's iLogic code required an employee to manually select "enter" after each part generation. With one assembly potentially containing over a hundred sheet metal parts, this minor annoyance added up to a significant time-management issue.

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Topics: Case Studies, iLogic

Technical Tooltip – AutoCAD’s “Annotative Styles”

Posted by Gary Bergero on Nov 9, 2022 10:00:00 AM

AutoCAD® contains some special styles called Annotative Styles. You can find these in the Dimension, Text, Hatch, Multileader, and Table Styles, among others. Have you ever wondered what an Annotative Style will do for you? I think of Annotative Styles as "Automatic Scaling." It works well for people with model details who would like to work with multiple scale factors.

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Topics: Tips and Tricks, AutoCAD

Fusion 360 Manage with Upchain Overview

Posted by Clayton Pepmiller on Nov 7, 2022 1:35:01 PM

Part 1 – Design Engineering

In the coming months, I will release regular blog posts about Autodesk® Fusion 360® Manage with Upchain. Each post will cover a different topic and introduce you to the functionality of Fusion 360 Manage with Upchain.

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