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Cleaning your TEMP Folder

Posted by Travis Nave on Feb 23, 2021 3:07:03 PM

When was the last time you did some file cleanup on your computer? Has it been a while? Is your computer feeling a little sluggish? Maybe it is time to do some disk cleanup!

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Topics: Technical Perspective

Organizing Your Archives

Posted by Jennifer Sample on Feb 8, 2021 10:30:00 AM

For Campus Facilities and Construction Groups, the decision to move archival documents, both paper and electronic, into a comprehensive document management system is not one to be taken lightly.  Many facilities groups have thousands of documents, and the idea of scanning and entering metadata for each one is a daunting, seemingly impossible task.  It takes resources, and these can be hard to come by during this time of budget shifts, many due to changes that have to be made to satisfy COVID-19 guidelines.  It helps to have someone on your side with years of experiential knowledge to help guide you.

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Topics: Meridian

Five Cool Vault Features for Plant and Facilities Engineering

Posted by Matt Lane on Feb 2, 2021 11:19:43 AM

At Hagerman & Company, we see more and more customers using Autodesk Vault for Plant and Facilities Engineering in healthcare, utilities, pulp & paper, primary metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other similar industries. As our customers and our team gain more experience using Vault for plant and facilities engineering, we discover additional features that serve users in these industries exceptionally well.

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Topics: Vault, Plant