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Disabling Windows Updates at Home

Posted by Travis Nave on Nov 20, 2020 2:29:07 PM

In a post-COVID world where many of us are still working from home, some of the group policies that are controlled by the corporate IT group can sometimes be handicapped while off the domain network. One of these is Windows Update. If your company uses a WSUS Server to approve or block certain Windows Updates, this can sometimes be a problem while working remotely. Microsoft likes to push certain updates when it is not restricted by company policies. This sometimes poses a problem for the corporate IT, as they often have to roll-back updates that break or severely hinder the performance of their user’s computers.

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Topics: Tips and Tricks, Technical Perspective

Schematic Drafting…Not fun!

Posted by Julia Grant on Nov 17, 2020 10:47:00 AM

As part of the controls design process, schematic symbols are placed into drawings. Due to industry standards such as NFPA (JIC), IEC, ISO, etc., we don't have to worry about figuring out how the graphics should look. And most of you have blocks representing the graphics and most likely text such as Device ID, Ratings, etc.

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Recommended Action for Autodesk 3ds Max Users

Posted by hagermancompany on Nov 16, 2020 9:00:31 AM

We’ve become aware of an exploit that may corrupt Autodesk 3ds Max software installations and 3ds Max scene files. As a preventative measure, Autodesk recently emailed customers who have access to 3ds Max 2015SP1 to 2021 recommending they download and install the 3ds Max Security Tools application to help detect and resolve potential issues caused by this malicious code. 

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Topics: Tips and Tricks, 3ds Max Design