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An Updated Guide to Autodesk Fusion Products

Bonn Rhee

CTA-image-trainingI wrote a blog last year that explained the Fusion product lines. Since then, Autodesk® has undergone a rebranding process, which I'm here to clarify. The TLDR version is this: they have removed the '360' from the old product. This rebranding allows for a more straightforward product identity and a streamlined user experience. The Fusion product line now consists of two base products: Fusion (the cloud-based CAD application) and Fusion Manage (the cloud-based PLM application). Let's delve into these in more detail.

Fusion—formerly known as Fusion 360®—is a cloud-based parametric CAD application like Inventor® and SolidWorks. It offers a range of tools for 3D modeling, simulation, and prototyping, as well as advanced capabilities like generative design and CAM. For additional functionality, add-ons or extensions are available for purchase. A few of these extensions are Machining (CAM), Generative Design, Simulation, and the Fusion Manage Extension.

Fusion Manage Extension, formerly known as Fusion 360 Manage Extension, is an extension for Fusion (the cad application) that can be used to participate in Fusion Manage (the PLM application) workflows like ECOs and release management from within Fusion. (There are other Fusion Extensions like Manufacturing, Simulation, Signal Integrity, and Design.)

Fusion Manage—formerly known as Fusion 360 Manage and Fusion 360 Manage with Upchain. This Fusion Manage "family" consists of 3 versions, listed from highest to lowest: Fusion Manage Enterprise, Fusion Manage, and Fusion Manage Participant. The rebranding can be confusing because when someone says "Fusion Manage," they could be referring to the entire family or the middle version of the PLM tool. I've listed the features of each of these versions below.

Fusion Manage Enterprise

  • Cloud PLM
  • Single sign-on
  • Participant users
  • Sandbox
  • Cloud data storage 300GB/subscription
  • Cloud PDM entitlement
  • Upchain that can be connected to Fusion Manage

Fusion Manage

  • Cloud PLM
  • Cloud data storage 50 GB /subscription
  • Cloud PDM entitlement
  • Upchain that can be connected to Fusion Manage

Fusion Manage Participant

  • Read and review data
  • Download files
  • Workflow sign-off and comment
  • Create and run reports and charts
  • Cloud PDM review and markup designs
  • Participant-level access to Upchain