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Boost Your AutoCAD Productivity with Custom AutoLISP Programming

Rick France

AutoLISP is a programming language integrated within AutoCAD® and the AutoCAD Toolsets. It remains the most efficient method for tailoring and streamlining AutoCAD, while improving your designers' and drafters' efficiency and accuracy when dealing with repetitive and mundane tasks unique to your company. Hagerman has created tailored AutoLISP routines for clients, solving problems like replacing or updating blocks across thousands of drawings in directories, and crafting complete drawing layouts with dimensions and BOMs. The possibilities are endless and the return on your investment can be seen in the speed, time savings, and accuracy of the work you produce.

During this webcast, we showcase diverse customized routines like those we've crafted for our clients in recent years.

Examples include:

  • Setup and Administrative functions that make it easier for CAD and IT Managers to manage AutoCAD after installation.
  • Managing Layouts and Page Setups in Drawings.
  • Project Data, Title Blocks, & Drawing Revisions With or Without Vault.
  • Creating Layouts, Labeling and BOM's.
  • Adding Data to Drawings and Extracting Data to External Files.
  • Task Automation on Active Drawing or Entire Folder Structures.
  • Routines for Specific Toolsets such as AutoCAD Electrical and Plant 3D.
  • A Brief Discussion on AutoCAD LT 2024 and AutoLISP.