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How to Automate Your Design Process to Maximize Efficiency

Forrest Judd

High staff turnover in the last few years has brought to the forefront two unfortunate facts of managing an Engineering department: it’s hard to find good people, and it’s risky for your product knowledge to be locked up in people’s heads.

Design Automation can solve both of those problems in one go. If your design process is automated, increasing productivity doesn’t necessarily rely on finding and onboarding new engineers. In addition, the very act of automating your design process ensures your product knowledge is captured and safe, even if Bill wins the lottery.

We discuss how you can begin automating your design processes, likely with the tools you have today. Topics include:

  • An overview of Autodesk® Inventor® design automation with iLogic
  • Using Autodesk Vault Professional to automate design deliverables
  • Supercharging your design and deliverable automation using Autodesk Vault and coolOrange powerJobs