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AutoCAD Express Tools

Jeremy Clay

The “Express Tools” in the AutoCAD® software has proven to provide some additional beneficial tools atop the standard AutoCAD installation. These tools can be added to a standard AutoCAD installation by modifying any existing installation to include the "Express Tools" features. Once installed, some of the features I have found useful over the years are listed below. Give them a test for yourself!

(Use this link for a complete list of Express Tools commands)


Favorite “Express Tool” Commands

Command Alias Editor (ALIASEDIT)   Block Replace (BLOCKREPLACE)
Attribute Out (ATTOUT) Burst (BURST)
Edit Time (EDITTIME Fast Select (FS)
Layout Merge (LAYOUTMERGE Save All (SAVEALL)
Close All (CLOSEALL) Text Mask (TEXTMASK)
Text to MText (TXT2MTXT Trim/Extend (TREX)