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QUICK TIP: Multi-Sheet Drawings

Hagerman & Company

This week’s fusion 360 quick tip is filled with several tricks to include in your drawings toolset. Watch this week’s video to learn the following:

  1. General multi-sheet golden nuggets
  2. Power of the Browser in multi-sheet drawings
  3. Creating multi-sheet templates

I’ve got to start with the basics. First, this quick tip covers some general tricks to create, rename, and reorder multi sheet drawings.

Second, it’s a necessity to use the browser in conjunction with multi-sheet drawings. Different references are created in the browser depending on how you create your drawing views. These references can be controlled independently to control the visibility and suppression of different components in both views and parts lists. Once you master this relationship you will be able to customize your sheets to represent any component in your design.

Finally, who doesn’t like a good template? Well I like using them but creating/updating templates can be tedious. Unfortunately, templates are the best way to ensure that a team of engineers are standardized on a particular format.  Fusion 360 templates can include multiple sheets with varying title blocks and sheet size. Watch this video to see how to create multi-sheet templates.