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What Team Are You On?

Mark Adams


It has been a few years since Autodesk added Teams to the Account Portal. In that time, many companies have used Teams to separate their Autodesk contracts for various reasons. For instance, if a company has multiple organizations or departments that are not related, subscriptions can be managed individually for budgeting or payment purposes, utilizing Teams. By default, all Autodesk accounts have at least one Team that is used to manage all contracts and users. Companies can then add Teams and Users and quickly move subscriptions between Teams.

In the past, when a new product was purchased, depending on the circumstances, your subscription could end up on the wrong Team or a newly generated Team created by Autodesk, which caused problems for administrators who needed to know where their new seats resided. So, to alleviate the issue, the system now prompts administrators to "Assign" their new seats to the Team of their choice. Here are the following scenarios for new seats and team assignments when new products are purchased.

  • If the purchaser is not a primary admin for any Team, a new Team is automatically created for the subscription.
  • If the purchaser is a primary admin for a single Team, the subscription goes to that Team.
  • If the purchaser is an admin for more than one Team, the purchaser must assign a Team for that subscription from Autodesk Account.

As you can see, the purchaser and primary admin should be the same to ensure consistent Team assignment when purchasing new seats. If the purchaser is an admin for more than one Team, they must assign the product to the desired Team using the following steps before assigning the seats to their users.

  • Login to manage.autodesk.com
  • Navigate to any of the following pages:
    • Home
    • User Management > By User
    • User Management > By Product
    • User Management > By Group
    • Billing and Orders > Subscriptions and Contracts
  • For a subscription, select Assign to either an existing Team or create a new Team.
  • Click Assign to complete the action.

Here are a few things to keep in mind: You can always move a subscription to a different Team when needed. When adding a seat to an existing subscription, it will stay in the same Team as the rest of your subscription. The same scenarios apply when purchasing Flex Tokens.

For more details on Autodesk Team management and behaviors, you can visit the Autodesk Account site found here.


Hopefully, this information has clarified some of the mystery involving Teams. Feel free to contact Hagerman Support for these and other inquiries regarding Team management.