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5 Benefits of CAD Document Management Software

Hagerman & Company

The foundation of precise engineering is efficiency. Quick information helps foster a healthy environment for quality industrial manufacturing. 

Engineers at manufacturing facilities know this, and utilize a variety of tools and software to increase their productivity, such as CAD document management software. However, there’s a common mistake made among industrial manufacturing engineers – and that’s underutilization. 

Put another way, are you really getting the most out of the tools you use on a daily basis? 

The answer is probably not, but that’s understandable. For engineers, work can be chaotic as you balance a wide range of projects and information. When you’re in the midst of your work, you’re just trying to get through each step of the process. Taking time to analyze whether or not you’re getting the most out of your tools might not be the top priority.

But as automation continues to drive business growth, self-analysis is more important than ever. Further, document management is shaping modern engineering. Taking a few moments to audit your current strategy will provide a holistic understanding of whether or not you’re utilizing the full power of your CAD document management software. Through this analysis, you can ensure that projects run smoothly, errors are minimized, silos are broken, and resources are optimally allocated. 

At Hagerman & Company, we offer best-in-class software and professional services with a strategy to make your projects more efficient, productive, and profitable. In particular, we offer support for CAD document management software through tools, software, and training. In this article, we’ll explore five key advantages of the CAD document management – and how it can elevate your engineering and manufacturing projects. Let’s get into it.

Benefit 1: Enhance Collaboration and Accessibility

The days of isolated work are long gone. One of the primary advantages of CAD document management software is its ability to enhance collaboration among engineering and other teams. This real-time collaboration and accessibility improves efficiency across a project, resulting in less project setbacks and costs. 

Industrial manufacturing is a demanding industry built on a foundation of intricate details and time-sensitive projects. That means enhancing collaboration is invaluable. Whether you have engineers working remotely or on-site, CAD document management software enables multiple teams to work on documents simultaneously. 

CAD software acts as a centralized hub for collaboration. No more delayed communication, no more lost emails, no more version control issues. This real-time access fosters an environment with less project errors, and leads to improved project outcomes and faster decision-making.

There’s a larger effect, too. According to Forbes, increased efficiency is one of the best ways to navigate a changing economy.

Benefit 2: Reduce Errors and Manual Rework

Every engineer knows the frustration of errors and manual rework in a project. Not only do errors cost time and resources, but they can also lead to significant setbacks and increased project costs. Forbes points out that when used to its full potential, software can seriously reduce human error – which is needed because insufficient, inaccurate, and missing data costs U.S. businesses $600 billion annually.

CAD document management software tackles reducing errors before they happen. The software’s version control capabilities ensure that every team member works with the most up-to-date design files. This minimizes the risk of errors caused by working on outdated documents. 

Additionally, CAD document management software provides a centralized repository for all project-related files. This means that team members no longer need to search through countless folders or emails to find the files they need. The result is reduced errors and, consequently, less manual rework.

Benefit 3: Cost Efficiency and Resource Optimization 

Finding cost efficiency is valuable in any industry – but it’s vital for success in the industrial manufacturing world. CAD document management software achieves this by streamlining project management and resource allocation. When your design files are centralized and accessible in one place, project managers can allocate resources and monitor progress. This leads to better resource optimization, which can significantly impact your project’s bottom line. 

Cost efficiency also extends to the reduction of expenses related to human mistakes. Fewer errors mean fewer delays and less wasted resources. The cost savings add up quickly, making modern CAD document management software a wise investment for any manufacturing facility. 

Benefit 4: Save Time with Automation

Automation is transforming the world. For instance, Harvard Business Review says that 90% of surveyed workers believe automation has increased their productivity. With the right configuration, CAD document management software integrates with other tools and will automate your engineering workflows. 

“Automation is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have. Adopting automation is especially useful in challenging economic times.”
- Juan Perez, via Harvard Business Review

In particular, one useful feature is the automation of bills and materials. CAD document management software can connect to your enterprise resource planning system and automatically generate bills and materials. This not only saves time, but also ensures the accuracy of product data, reducing the risk of discrepancies in project documentation. 

Further, automation simplifies tasks like data validation, equipment and structural modeling, and the creation of engineering drawings. It empowers engineers to work more efficiently, focusing on design rather than routine, time-consuming tasks.

Benefit 5: Maximize Your Skills with an Abundance of CAD Training Materials

In any field, continuous learning is the key to staying competitive. For engineers working with CAD document management software, there’s an abundance of training materials available. These resources allow engineers to leverage CAD software to its full potential, creating innovative designs in less time. 

Our team offers a wide range of training resources tailored to various CAD software, including AutoCAD®, Autodesk Inventor®, Autodesk Vault®, and more. These resources cover a range of industries, from manufacturing and building design to process plant engineering

Regardless if you’re a seasoned engineer or new to CAD software, there are resources available to help you enhance your skills. Hagerman’s engineering training classes are designed to maximize the value of your software investment. Moreover, the Hagerman support desk provides prompt and courteous assistance when you need help. 

Look Forward, Think Bigger: Tap Into Your Full Potential with CAD Document Management Software

CAD document management software is a transformative tool for engineers in modern manufacturing. It enhances collaboration, reduces errors, streamlines project management, and saves time through automation. 

But there’s a strong chance your team – like most engineers in the manufacturing world – are not utilizing its full potential, leaving unrealized productivity and profits. Furthermore, leveraging CAD document management software encourages an environment of innovation and future-thinking.

However, when harnessed correctly, CAD document management tools can dramatically improve operations in all parts of your organization – a rising tide lifts all boats, as they say. 

So are you challenging yourself and your team to stay ahead of engineering trends? It’s time to push your organization forward with document management services.

Hagerman helps engineers realize their full potential, offering support in a prompt, courteous manner. Learn more about Hagerman and how we assist engineers today!