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Inventor® HSM 2016

Hagerman & Company

With the release of Inventor® HSM 2016, Autodesk has brought to market the ability to program parts for lathes.


With the addition of the turning capabilities, users are now able to do turning operations and may utilize the software for Mill/Turn applications. The user interface is as clean as always, even with the turning operations.

Inside and outside profiling and grooving are all contained in one operation button, which is designated inside of the toolpath setup. If the wrong tool or size of tool is chosen, the user will automatically be notified of the error before the toolpath can be generated.


Also, Adaptive Clearing 2.0 has been implemented inside of the workflow. The improvement with the Adaptive Clearing calculations helps to generate cleaner toolpaths, which creates less machining time through the new toolpath calculations and increasing tool life.

Another bonus to Inventor HSM is the addition of the AnyCAD feature within Inventor. This allows the user to insert direct-linked files from non-native design software into an Inventor assembly and program toolpaths on the part. If the part changes, an automatic notice is sent to the user and the model will update along with the toolpaths to the geometry change.

Whether you need simple 2.5 axis, 3, 3+2, 5 axis or turning, Autodesk Inventor HSM has you covered. This solution is better, faster and produces the top quality parts you strive for. For more information contact your Hagerman & Company representative, or visit CAM.Autodesk.com.

Submitted by Matthew Nichols, Manufacturing Solutions Engineer, Hagerman & Company, Inc.