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Transform Your Design Process with Autodesk Forma

Brett Barkman

Have you explored the newly released Autodesk® Forma yet?  Forma offers cloud-based software for early-stage planning and design for AEC professionals. If you have an Autodesk AEC Collection subscription, you now have access to Forma!

Learn what Forma can do, the future vision for Forma, and how it can positively impact your business.

Dive into Forma's Unique Capabilities:

  • Create solid foundations for your projects with conceptual design, predictive analytics, and automation.
  • Unlock efficiencies with intuitive project setup, design automations, and fluid connectivity with Revit.
  • Harness real-time data insights for swift, smart design decisions that reduce risk and improve business and sustainability outcomes.
  • Improve collaboration, secure stakeholder buy-in, and win more bids through persuasive data and visuals that tell a compelling design story.