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Collier Associates Tackles Document Management with Autodesk Docs

Hagerman & Company

The Challenge:

Collier Associates, Inc., a Kentucky-based engineering firm that supports multi-discipline engineering design projects for many of the region’s leading facilities, has been quickly expanding over the past few years. Taking on larger and more complex engineering projects revealed issues with their standard project document management system. With their forecast showing continued growth, they knew it was time to address their drawings and document management solution.

Project Goals:

Collier Associates' primary goal was to implement a flexible and scalable document management solution to meet their needs as they continued to grow and expand into new and different markets. They wanted an expandable and flexible solution, which they hoped to integrate as seamlessly as possible into their existing project execution approach and workflows. With their rapid growth, waiting to implement a new system would only become a larger and more challenging project. They knew a system like this would lead to better efficiency and more quality work with tracking.


During Collier Associates' evaluation of different solutions, Hagerman & Company provided detailed technical guidance and information about Autodesk Docs and the expandability of Autodesk Construction Cloud. Once Colliers Associates selected the Autodesk Docs solution, Hagerman provided in-depth training to key personnel that would lead the implementation efforts. The Hagerman team continued to provide technical support as the implementation began.

Business Outcome:

Being able to track workflows and processes more efficiently now allows the Collier team to collaborate more successfully, and they already see progress in their day-to-day operations. They are also seeing greater accountability on projects and improved tracking to ensure workflows and processes are completed correctly.


Hagerman & Company worked closely with Collier Associates to understand their issues and determine the best solution.

"When we first approached Hagerman, we did not have a clear picture of our needs, but they discussed options, capabilities, pricing, and many other factors until we could settle on the right solution."
- Cameron Williams, Engineering Manager-Collier Associates, Inc.