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Autodesk Docs Enables Improved Project Communication for Shuler Shook

Hagerman & Company


Shuler Shook, an internationally recognized design firm, specializing in Architectural Lighting Design, Theatre Planning, and Audio Video Design, was looking for more efficient collaboration and communication during the project design & development stage. They needed a solution that would reduce errors due to inadequate communication and allow the entire design team to access accurate data at all times during the project. They also wanted the ability to keep a clean BIM workflow using only Autodesk® software.

Project Goals:

In working with Hagerman & Company and Autodesk, Schuler Shook hoped to gain improved BIM workflows, better collaboration with internal team members, more efficient collaboration with outside consultants and other contributors, and better access to accurate data at any time.


Hagerman & Company helped the design firm implement Autodesk Docs to deliver improved communications between team members and the ability to access accurate data at any moment during the project lifecycle. Hagerman offered training and additional support to assist in reaching the client’s goals.

Business Outcomes:

With Hagerman's services and Autodesk's innovations, Schuler Shook could fully explore the product capabilities and implement a clean integration with little disruption to the day-to-day operations. Autodesk Docs has improved the firm's abilities to manage project data and retain a clear audit trail throughout the life of the project.


The integration of Autodesk Docs has allowed for more seamless team communication and provided the ability to access true & accurate information in an instant. Schuler Shook now has an improved ability to transmit and track data, which has made it much easier to manage access to the information.

Being able to deliver more efficient design intent to our project collaborators and the ability to resolve challenges quickly has improved our delivery times and accuracy.” – Mark Hale