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AutoCAD Electrical – Mark/Verify (The Poor Man’s Vault)

Julia Grant

I believe 99% of you will agree that having a data management system such as Autodesk Vault is the right way to go. It is secure, tracks changes to versions and revisions, and offers so much in the way of making your design data more accessible. However, what do you do if your controls group doesn't have Vault but still needs to track changes to AutoCAD Electrical projects? And how can you compare a drawing when someone else, such as a vendor or customer, makes changes?

Mark/Verify is a tool in AutoCAD Electrical that helps with those issues. AutoCAD Electrical can create a report that shows what was modified by others outside the AutoCAD Electrical community.

By following a simple workflow, you can save yourself hours of work trying to figure out what was changed. Before sending a drawing package to an outside source (typically a vendor or customer), use the "Mark" command to create a baseline of the project.

When those drawings come back to you to review or continue to modify, use the “Verify” tool to create a report that compares the original to the current.



Because AutoCAD and LT do not have tools to perform comparisons between drawings, Mark/Verify will become a valuable tool for anyone that requires a workflow that involves edits performed outside the AutoCAD Electrical environment. So, the advantages are:

  • Automatic tracking of modifications
  • Accepts changes from AutoCAD, LT, or other DWG-based editing tools
  • Report generation of design revisions