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From Concept to Drawing: Exploring Sheet Metal in Fusion

Kevin Bosch
From Concept to Drawing: Exploring Sheet Metal in Fusion

Discover the powerful sheet metal features in Autodesk Fusion. Learn to create rules, use tools, master design practices, and generate flat patterns effectively.

An informative look at the powerful sheet metal capabilities within Autodesk Fusion.

In this session, we explore how to create a new sheet metal rule and leverage the various tools available in the sheet metal tab to seamlessly complete a part. From mastering flanges, lofted flanges, bends, cuts, to unfolding and refolding, we cover essential design practices and rules to enhance your sheet metal projects.

We demonstrate how to generate flat patterns and detail the part within the drawing workspace, ensuring comprehensive understanding and effective implementation.

Key Topics:

  • Sheet Metal Rules and Design Practices
  • Flange, Lofted Flange, Bend, Cut, Unfold, Refold Techniques
  • Generating Flat Patterns and Drawing Details