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Innovyze & Drainage Design

Posted by Hagerman & Company on Jan 27, 2023 3:07:51 PM

In this introduction to Innovyze webcast, we learn about the customers that Innovyze serves and how we’ve been able to deliver over 40 years of solutions to the water industry. We then take a closer look at InfoDrainage, Innovyze’s drainage design solution, and discuss how it can address common workflow challenges to provide sustainable, optimized, and safe drainage design solutions.

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Amplify Your Inventor CAM Capabilities

Posted by Clayton Pepmiller on Jan 25, 2023 1:30:00 PM

For decades, machined parts have been made using conventional 3-axis milling machines, and using these machines' traditional X, Y, and Z movement is still the most popular way to produce parts in the machining industry. Later, fourth and fifth-axis capabilities were added. While adding two new axis capabilities to a conventional 3-axis machine technically creates a machine with five axes, not all five-axis machines have the same capabilities.

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How to Automate Your Design Process to Maximize Efficiency

Posted by Forrest Judd on Nov 1, 2022 1:02:45 PM

High staff turnover in the last few years has brought to the forefront two unfortunate facts of managing an Engineering department: it’s hard to find good people, and it’s risky for your product knowledge to be locked up in people’s heads.

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