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SaaS-Based CAD Document Management with Meridian Cloud

Matt Lane

Meridian Cloud, the first SaaS-based and CAD-integrated engineering document management solution, brings you all the advantages of a full SaaS-based solution, including:

  • Pre-configured and ready for quick use in the plant, facilities, and campus environments
  • Server hardware/software and management, including upgrade deployments provided by Microsoft and Accruent
  • Enhanced up-time and data security to meet all customer requirements
  • Additional Meridian Cloud options and functionality can include:
  • Full support for iOS, Android, and Windows-based mobile devices
  • Integrated project-centric collaboration with outside suppliers and consultants
  • 21 CFR Part 11 functionality and validation for the life sciences industry

See why more and more companies are moving to SaaS-based solutions and Meridian Cloud for their engineering document management needs!