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What’s New in Revit 2025: Building Tomorrow Together

Dan Rosenberg
What’s New in Revit 2025: Building Tomorrow Together

Explore the latest in Autodesk Revit® 2025! Discover new capabilities transforming site design, upgraded concrete and steel modeling tools, and innovative Total Carbon Analysis with Autodesk Insight. Explore enhancements for structural and MEP engineers, including advanced analysis and fabrication support. Plus, witness community-inspired features like sheet collections and improved wall joins. Dive into seamless connectivity with Autodesk Docs and enhanced openBIM workflows. Take advantage of these game-changing updates driven by your feedback and ideas.

Topics to be covered:

  • Sheet Collections
  • Walls with Auto Join & In Canvas Wrapping Control
  • MEP Model Consistency Check
  • Split Feature for Framing with Connections
  • Toposolid Enhancements
  • Background Export to PDF
  • And many more!