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Autodesk Inventor 2022 Model States – Flexibility Within Your Designs

Kendred Cooper

Autodesk® Inventor® has iPart & iAssembly configurations, which allow for design variations when sizes change. But there are hurdles when the design needs to change more than size increments. With Inventor 2022 Model States, not only can sizes be adjusted, but features can be included or suppressed to vary the design intent, which allows for 1 IPT to be used for both Left-Hand and Right Hand configurations.

This ability does not stop with only IPT’s but works in the assembly IAM as well. Model States allow designs to be streamlined and simplify the file structure necessary for multiple configurations. See what Inventor 2022 Model States can do and how they could increase your design’s flexibility and file structure simplifications.

Topics covered:

  • Intro to Model States
  • How they differ from Design View Rep’s
  • How to create Model States in IPT’s
  • How to use Model States in IAM’s
  • How to document Model States in drawing views