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Heidi Hewett has dedicated her career to educating people on the use of AutoCAD software. She began using AutoCAD as a student in 1986 and soon after earning her B.S. in Architectural Engineering, Heidi transitioned from an Autodesk customer to an Autodesk employee. During her career at Autodesk, Heidi has held a variety of positions including Product Support Technician, Training Specialist, and Senior Applications Engineer. In her current role as the AutoCAD Technical Marketing Manager, Heidi assists the marketing team in developing and delivering technical marketing material for AutoCAD. She continues to educate Autodesk customers, partners, and employees through Webcasts, seminars, and her AutoCAD Insider blog. It is her passion for education that inspired Heidi to earn an M.S. in Technical Communication and an M.A. in Information and Learning Technologies.

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Object Selection Enhancements in AutoCAD 2018

Posted by Heidi Hewitt on Apr 19, 2017 9:08:29 AM
I've been with Autodesk for many years (two and half decades, in fact) and, during that time, I’ve helped launch 21 releases of AutoCAD! I’ve seen big, innovative, new functionality such as 3D scanning and printing integrated into AutoCAD, as well as many, many small enhancements to existing functionality. One thing I’ve learned from you, our customers, over all these years is that it’s often the small tweaks that bring the biggest smiles. Here we’ll take a look at AutoCAD object selection enhancements. Support for off-screen selection is a perfect example!

Off-screen Selection

In AutoCAD 2018, you can begin a selection window in one part of your drawing and then pan and zoom to another part while maintaining selection of the off-screen objects! If you work on small, simple drawings it may not sound like a big deal. But for those of you that work on large, dense drawings, you know what I’m talking about. You might have even cheered out loud during one of our live presentations of this small but much appreciated object selection enhancement.

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