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Cloud-Based PDM: How Secure and Usable Is It?

Forrest Judd

Data security is top-of-mind for many of us today, but not necessarily for the same old reasons. Random attacks by external actors are a growing risk, and as a result, those responsible for Information Security in companies of all sizes are looking to move as much data off-premise as possible. By its nature, mechanical CAD data is traditionally one of the last types of data to make that transition, if it ever does. And when it does, it often leads to a poor experience for the end-user.

Autodesk Upchain is here to change all that. In this webcast, we discuss how Upchain can deliver a quality PDM experience while keeping your data safe regardless of location.

Topics included:

  • The benefits of moving data off-premise
  • A review of Autodesk’s cloud security
  • How Autodesk Upchain allows users to stay productive even when working with data stored in the cloud