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How To Easily Manage Your Solidworks Data in the Cloud

Forrest Judd

If your organization struggles to collaborate and quickly access accurate, comprehensive information, we can help. Connecting processes, data, and people can give you the edge you need to compete for resources, deliver your products on time, and stay profitable while doing so.

Learn how to easily manage your Solidworks data in the cloud with no additional IT requirements.

Benefits of a cloud-based solution:

  • Convenience: Store, retrieve and share information quickly and easily in the cloud
  • Flexibility: Work safely and securely whether working in the office or remotely
  • Cost: Deploy without any need for IT infrastructure or support
  • Scalability: Cloud solutions easily scale up or down with your business

Topics include:

  • The business case for Cloud-Based PDM and PLM
  • Overview of PDM and PLM functionality, including:
    • CAD Data Management
    • BOM Management
    • Project Management
    • Change Management
    • Supplier Collaboration