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Customize Autodesk Revit Content with Shared Parameters

Dan Rosenberg

Leveraging Shared Parameters in Autodesk® Revit® is a great way to customize your Revit content. Shared parameters allow you to create custom information displayed in tags and schedules across multiple projects and families, which is helpful for Revit users, especially MEP or Structural Engineering, Interior Design, and Architecture. This webcast demonstrates creating and implementing Shared Parameters for each discipline. This topic deals heavily with the Family Editor, so we discuss other relevant topics, including where to find vendor-provided Revit Families and how to implement them into your projects.

Topics Include:

  • What are Shared Parameters?
  • Examples of Shared Parameters in use
  • Demo of how to create a Shared Parameter File
  • Demo of how to add Shared Parameters to Projects and Component Families.
  • Demo of how to leverage Shared Parameter Data in Tags and Schedules
  • How to find and implement Vendor created Revit Content