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Introduction to Revit Families

Dan Rosenberg

Revit® Families are the backbone of almost all of your Autodesk® Revit® projects. This informational webcast discusses the three main kinds of Revit Families. We elaborate on Component Families and discuss some basic terminology and features that can be included in these models.

This webcast is intended for all disciplines including, but not limited to Architects, MEP & Structural Engineers, BIM Managers, Drafters, Building Product Manufacturers, and more. New users will find this very helpful, and intermediate users might pick up a tip or two.

Different kinds of Revit Families:

  • Component Families
  • System Families
  • In-Place Families

Component Families:

  • Parametric Framework and how this opens the door for Family Types
  • Geometry Options
  • Family Types
  • Type Catalogs
  • Categories and implications
  • Family Templates
  • Visibility Options
  • Materials Parameters
  • Nested Families