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Discover What's New in AutoCAD 2025

Dan Taddeo
Discover What's New in AutoCAD 2025

Discover the latest innovations in AutoCAD® 2025. Get ready to explore a range of exciting features designed to enhance your drafting experience and streamline your workflow.


  • Activity Insights: Easily track drawing evolution and compare history.
  • Import Markup from Autodesk Docs: Seamlessly incorporate PDF markup files from Autodesk Docs.
  • Smart Blocks: Convert repetitive geometry into efficient smart blocks.
  • Smart Blocks-Object Detection Tech Preview: Utilize Object Detection technology to convert objects into blocks.
  • Hatch Improvements: Simplify hatch drawing process with new options.
  • Esri Maps: Access five new Esri maps for precise geographic information.
  • Trace Updates: Improved toolbar and seamless xref editing in Edit Drawing mode.
  • Markup Import & Markup Assist: Streamline integration of drawing revisions from markup files.

Watch now to stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of AutoCAD 2025.