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How Plant Engineering Experts Use Technology to Thrive [Reviews]

Hagerman & Company

As an engineer, you’re faced with complex challenges ranging from supply chain coordination and stringent regulatory compliance to potential cost overruns.

The point is – engineering projects can be stressful and uncertain. According to the Autodesk® 2023 State of Design & Make Report, 79% of surveyed business leaders feel the future global landscape is more uncertain than it was three years ago, and believe the path to future growth depends on the use of digital tools.

Business leaders and experts believe that the key to business resilience and future growth is through digitization.
via Hagerman

To address this uncertainty, it’s important to assess your current tech stack, processes, and workflows. If you are still using  Windows Folders to manage your data, it’s time to consider new technology. Software such as Autodesk Vault® or Meridian® are powerful solutions for engineers who manage mountains of documentation.

The Power of Engineering Document Management Solutions

How can engineers expect to benefit by harnessing the power of collaborative engineering technology? It’s important to understand where modern technology can help. Autodesk Vault® and Accruent Meridian® are multifaceted solutions that break down silos and push your document management toward the future.

The bottom line is that modern technology can empower engineers to manage projects more accurately and collaboratively. The integration of such technology is now a necessity for your business to be competitive. 

Best-in-Class Engineering Document Management Software Reviews

How do the implementation and usage of these engineering document management tools work in a real-world scenario? To offer some perspective, we’ve gathered reviews from experts in the engineering space to show how they have benefitted from document management systems such as Vault and Meridian.

But don’t just take our word for it – below are the real reviews of engineers who have increased productivity and efficiency by investing in a document management solution.

Autodesk Vault Reviews:

For Personalization and Scalability:

“Autodesk Vault helps us to maintain our workflow and know the deadline of our project. It also includes features such as revision management and security and allows further personalization. Autodesk Vault includes a multi-site replication function. Furthermore, it can integrate with enterprise-level business systems. It doesn't matter how small or large your operations are, Autodesk Vault is scalable according to your needs.”

- Analyst in Research Development, Security & Investigations Company

For Version Control:

“Vault has been able to provide us with a wonderful version tracking system that alerts us about the status of design data. We are able to identify the single source of truth in the system and easily propagate that information downstream. But the implementation and initial setup can be daunting.”

- Kenny C., Technical Consultant

For Software Add-Ons:

“coolOrange is a great software add-on to the Vault and helps us modify the PDFs that are generated in a variety of ways beyond what the out-of-the-box software could”

- Steve, via Hagerman’s Reviews

Accruent Meridian Reviews:

For Meridian Support from Hagerman:

“Kevin has a great delivery and cadence for an often difficult body of work to deliver. Wonderful explanation [of Meridian] and exactly the patience and demeanor to put up with engineers with our kind of questions.”

- Alex S., Software Service via Hagerman Meridian Support Services

These perspectives offer a genuine look at how engineering teams have integrated Autodesk Vault and Accruent Meridian document management solutions into the plant engineering world.

Supporting Plant Engineers For Future Success

For plant engineers, investing time and resources in an enterprise document management system allows you to stay ahead in a complex and competitive field. But don’t forget that these investments must be properly supported.

At Hagerman, our goal is to take an unbiased approach to recommending the best software for your specific needs. We offer a broad range of services to analyze your current business needs, recommend the best solution for your business, and provide implementation and training, legacy data migration, and support. If you aren’t sure where to start, Hagerman is the independent expert you need.

Hagerman has been serving and supporting the needs of engineers in the Product Design & manufacturing arena for 40 years. From CAD software and training to document management system implementation that spans multiple sites – we have the experience and expertise to successfully implement customized EDM systems in the most complex environments.  

Are you ready to learn more? Check out the Autodesk® 2023 State of Design & Make Report to stay up to date with engineering trends.