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Pros and Cons to Enterprise Document Management Solutions

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Did you know that 75% of employees say that collaboration and teamwork are the most important element of a successful workplace? That’s a great data point – think about it, three out of four of your team members value teamwork! But in order to tap into the potential, it’s vital to provide them with empowering tools.

In fact, if you don’t take this seriously, you risk running into the challenge of employee disengagement. After all, a lack of a collaborative environment in which an engineer doesn’t feel part of a team can be discouraging for their morale. Further, according to Gallup, U.S. employee engagement trends continue to get worse, and the manufacturing industry is no different.

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For engineers looking to increase collaboration, enterprise document management solutions have become integral tools in managing the vast amount of documents you manage. They are dynamic tools designed to support the full lifecycle of your documents – from drawings to archiving files – and provide an easy means of communication surrounding the work itself.

Maybe you’re already familiar with these systems, or something like them. For engineers who use Autodesk design software, an Engineering Document Management System (EDMS) like Autodesk Vault® and Autodesk Docs® can be a supportive tool that unlock new levels of efficiency and collaboration. However, like any advanced system, implementing or upgrading it brings a combination of success and challenges.

At Hagerman, our experienced team helps our clients navigate the new world of digital transformation. That’s why we created this article. Let’s dig into the pros and cons of enterprise document management solutions and how they shape engineering document management.

Pros of Enterprise Document Management Solutions

No system is perfect. But finding the right enterprise DMS for your company can help you unlock the true potential of your team. These are a few of the positives of why you should consider it.

Enhanced Collaboration and Accessibility

As stated earlier, collaboration is one of the priorities of engineers. By utilizing enterprise DMS like Autodesk Vault or Autodesk Docs, teams are able to enhance their ability to work together in new ways. In particular, it fosters a work environment that’s location agnostic by letting multiple users access and edit the same files simultaneously, regardless their geographic location. This capability ensures that team members – whether they’re in adjacent offices or scattered across the globe – can work on the same project with ease.

Further, a key advantage to enterprise EDMS is the robust version control. Maintaining a single source in any document management system is so important because it ensures everyone is working on the most updated file. That reduces the likelihood of errors and subsequent need for time-consuming re-work. This is especially helpful for large-scale projects.

Increased Security and Compliance

Of course, security is a top priority for engineers. Enterprise-level document management systems provide a secure environment for sensitive designs through features like access controls and permissions. This protects intellectual property and confidential data, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access essential documents. After all, data breaches and information leaks are more common than you might realize.

But let’s not forget about compliance. The ability to meticulously track document history and revisions fosters an environment of compliance made easy. Whether it’s for quality assurance or meeting specific industry regulations, enterprise engineering DMS platforms simplify the process.

Streamlined Workflows and Productivity

Another significant advantage of enterprise document management solutions is their capacity to automate routine tasks. Mundane activities like data entry, document routing, and management can consume an annoying amount of time. By automating these processes, an enterprise DMS frees up engineers to concentrate more on the core aspects of design and innovation. The shift from administrative tasks to creative and critical thinking is an important step towards enhanced productivity.

Additionally, the standardization brought about by these systems is worth noting. The use of templates, standardized forms, and automated approval processes helps streamline workflows. This reduces the time required to finish projects, lowering their cost overall.

Cons of Enterprise Document Management Solutions

While an enterprise DMS offers numerous benefits, there are challenges that organizations must navigate to fully leverage these systems. However, it’s important to remember – a challenge is nothing but a problem to be solved. 

At Hagerman, we guide our clients through obstacles they may face with our personal document management consulting services

Initial Setup and Training

The transition to an enterprise DMS can be a significant undertaking. Implementing or migrating to a system like Autodesk Vault involves moving data, configuring the system, and aligning it with your workflows. 

This process can be time-consuming and requires detailed planning. During this phase, organizations might experience a temporary dip in productivity as teams acclimatize.

However, by utilizing our engineering software training modules, you can ensure your team will become proficient faster. The initial hurdles of enterprise DMS implementation may cause pause – but once you get past them, you’ll notice a significant increase in productivity.

Integration Challenges

Another potential difficulty in implementing an EDMS is ensuring a seamless integration with existing systems. While enterprise DMS are designed to integrate well with various CAD systems, syncing them with other systems such as ERP or CRM can be a bit tricky. Further, we understand that these integration challenges can limit the effectiveness of the enterprise DMS if not addressed properly. 

That said, our team can help you navigate this somewhat confusing process. Our experienced Hagerman integration specialists will ensure that your document management support systems exist in harmony with the rest of your infrastructure. 

Data Migration and System Maintenance

Concerns can go further than setup or integration, though. For engineers, data is currency – and it should be treated with care. The migration of data from existing systems to a new enterprise DMS can be a somewhat stressful and daunting task for firms. Ensuring data integrity, converting file formats, and organizing the new system requires a high level of attention to detail and planning.

In addition, ongoing maintenance and updates are vital. It’s not a one-and-done situation. 

That’s why we recommend dedicated support from our team – an ongoing service that is well-equipped to make sure everything goes smoothly. The Hagerman approach is focused on making sure that your enterprise DMS is not only set up correctly, but maintained for the future.

Hagerman & Company: Your Partner in Overcoming Enterprise Document Management Challenges

The adoption of enterprise document management solutions can significantly improve your collaboration, but it can also come with some challenges. And while there are pros and cons, we believe that the former significantly outweighs the latter.

Plus, let’s not forget. Working through challenges may seem painful during the process, but the process makes us stronger. Your teams and your business will grow by navigating the perceived cons.

At Hagerman, we’re here to help. Let’s upgrade your engineering collaboration together.