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Navigating the End of Life for BIM 360 Teams -- Verifying Your Work Environment

Alice Craig

As the end-of-life approaches for BIM 360 Teams, it is crucial for users to understand whether they are still actively working within this platform or have transitioned to newer alternatives.

While many customers have already migrated to BIM 360 Docs or Autodesk® Docs, there may still be those who continue to use BIM 360 Teams or have projects archived on this platform. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to verify your current working environment and ensure a seamless transition to the most up-to-date solutions.

Verifying Your Work Environment: To determine whether you are still working in BIM 360 Teams, there is a simple method to identify your platform. When you access BIM 360 Teams, you will notice a prominent, bright orange banner displayed at the top of your screen. This banner acts as a clear indicator that you are operating within the BIM 360 Teams environment.


If you have any questions related to the end-of-life process for BIM 360 Team, please review the FAQ or contact Autodesk support.

BIM 360 Docs or Autodesk Docs: If you have migrated to BIM 360 Docs or Autodesk Docs, you can rest assured that there are no issues or concerns related to the platform's discontinuation. Here's how you can determine which platform you are using based on your web address:

  • BIM 360 Docs: If you are actively working on projects within the BIM 360 Docs environment, your web address will include "docs.b360.autodesk.com." This platform provides a robust set of tools and features to streamline document management, collaboration, and version control.
  • Autodesk® Docs: Users who have transitioned to the Autodesk Docs platform will find their web address including "acc.autodesk.com." Autodesk® Docs offers an enhanced document management experience, enabling efficient collaboration, review workflows, and access to project data across various devices.

Benefits of BIM 360 Docs and Autodesk® Docs: Both BIM 360 Docs and Autodesk Docs are advanced document management platforms designed to enhance collaboration and streamline construction project workflows. These solutions offer various features and benefits, including:

  1. Seamless Collaboration: Enable real-time collaboration and information sharing among project stakeholders, enhancing productivity, and reducing errors.
  2. Document Version Control: Maintain a comprehensive version history of project documents, ensuring that all team members are working with the latest revisions.
  3. Mobile Access: Access project documents, drawings, and models on the go via mobile devices, ensuring teams can stay connected and informed from anywhere.
  4. Review and Approval Workflows: Streamline review cycles with automated workflows, reducing delays and improving project efficiency.

As the sun sets on BIM 360 Teams, it is essential for users to verify their current working environment. By checking for the bright orange banner within BIM 360 Teams or examining the web address, you can determine whether you are still using this platform or have successfully transitioned to BIM 360 Docs or Autodesk Docs.

If you have questions about the advanced features and benefits offered by BIM 360 Docs or Autodesk Docs, please reach out to Hagerman. We can answer any questions about leveraging Docs for your project workflows.