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Section Box and Scope Boxes-Revit 2024

Alice Craig

When creating a new project in Revit® 2024, a new Project template is available and is set as the default Default-Multi-discipline.

In the Default-Multi-discipline template, the Section box and Scope box are now enabled in all views.

The Section box is named View Overall and displays the extents of the views.

The Scope box is named Grids and Levels and displays the extents of the Grids and Levels.

The height of the Section box and Scope boxes can be controlled in the properties dialog box.

  • Section boxes selected in a 3D view list a Height parameter in the properties palette that can be adjusted to a specific height.


  • Scope boxes can be selected in various views to edit the Height parameter as well.


Click here for more information on working with Scope and Section boxes.