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How to Elevate Your Expertise With Autodesk Training Courses

Hagerman & Company

Autodesk offers a wide range of innovative software that can be tailored to meet your business goals. But, such advanced technologies often come with technical questions that you may not be prepared to handle internally. Purchasing new software, adding new functionality, or acquiring new hires can each feel like a major project. You know that each new addition also requires new training. Without effective training, your team won’t be able to fully utilize their new tools - which can ultimately impact productivity.

You can waste hours searching YouTube videos or invest in canned, pre-recorded training that is not tailored to your use case. The best solution is found in live, instructor-led, interactive training from Autodesk Certified Solutions Engineers.

In this article, we break down the real value of live Autodesk training courses and how Hagerman’s approach differs from other training providers.

The Power of Live, Interactive Learning

Searching YouTube for help on a specific topic may give you a quick answer. However, canned learning experiences cannot compare to live, instructor-led courses. This is especially true when you need to further your knowledge and increase your skill level.

Enhanced Skill Set and Productivity

Live training boosts your team’s software proficiency, accelerating their work and increasing accuracy. This new proficiency will quickly unlock advanced features and begin utilizing time-saving workflows. Interactive training also brings the opportunity for unexpected learning - one small tip may save hours of work across your team.

Real-Time Feedback and Interaction

In live training sessions, participants can ask questions and receive immediate feedback from our expert instructors. Complex topics can be tackled on the spot, tailoring the learning experience to the audience's needs. Asking questions enhances the participant’s understanding and helps them stay on pace with the course’s content.


Our instructors understand that every participant learns at a different pace. In every training, we adjust the pace and focus based on participants' reactions and understanding, providing a more personalized learning experience. We’ll cover all the essential topics without leaving anyone behind.

Up-to-Date Information 

Canned training can’t capture the latest enhancements in your Autodesk software. Because the Autodesk subscription model enables frequent software updates, recorded trainings can’t capture recent changes. This means that recorded content quickly become obsolete and inaccurate, leaving users frustrated. Our live training always reflects the most current information, along with insights that our instructors offer as a result of their time in industry. 

Why Choose Autodesk Training Courses from Hagerman & Company?

Our goal is to help professionals deeply understand the software they’re using regardless of their current skill level. Our courses are designed to increase proficiency for every user at any stage, from beginners to advanced.

Hagerman & Company is committed to helping our customers succeed. Our Autodesk-certified instructors are best-in-class and come from industry - they understand the complex issues your team is likely to face in real-world scenarios. Live training ensures your team is equipped with the knowledge to maximize their productivity, finish projects faster, and exceed your goals.

“You can teach people software and how to do their job. But to find people who actually care about helping people? That’s a different challenge. You can get the smartest instructor out there, but that’s useless if they’re not sincere in wanting to help people. That’s where Hagerman shines.”

- Tad Whitchurch, Director of Training and Support at Hagerman

Flexible Training Options

There is no one-size-fits-all training solution. We offer Online Classroom Training and Custom Training options to suit your needs.

Online Classroom Training

Hagerman offers a wide variety of classroom training courses on our Autodesk training course calendar. Our classroom training is taught online in real-time with an Autodesk Certified Instructor.

With our Classroom Training option, class dates are set in advance and there will likely be students from other companies in the class with you. We encourage questions and interaction throughout the course to maximize the benefit to all participants.

“This was by far one of the best trainings I have ever taken. Gary clearly has his students success in mind and wants them to walk away with usable tools.”

- Eve

Custom Training

Some customers prefer to build customized training programs. These private courses give you full control of the learning experience, from the topics of each session to the timing. When you build a custom training plan with us, you’ll unlock these additional benefits:

  • Private training courses, exclusively available to your team.

  • Customized content: we’ll build examples and use cases tailored to your team’s experience and needs.

  • Scheduling flexibility: train on your own schedule. Choose to train on successive days for rapid learning or schedule sessions over weeks and months to enhance your team’s retention.

  • Hybrid training delivery: join our instructors online, or schedule onsite sessions if you prefer an in-person training experience

Proof of Certification and Professional Credits

Every student will receive a certificate of completion after each training course, which can be submitted for Professional Education credits to satisfy field-specific requirements. Additionally, Hagerman is an AIA Continuing Education Provider, and all AEC courses are pre-approved for AIA credit.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Students are surveyed after each training course to ensure customer satisfaction.  Our CEO and Director of Training read every survey, and we take your feedback seriously. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations!

Sample Hagerman Autodesk Training Course SurveyImage: Features One Section of Hagerman’s Training Survey

The Hagerman Difference is Our Commitment to Customer Success

Autodesk training courses that connect you with expert instructors are one of the best ways to improve your team’s productivity. At Hagerman, best-in-class instructors elevate our customer’s expertise by delivering live, interactive training that’s designed to promote deep learning.

We’re committed to delivering unparalleled training that will accelerate innovation and drive long-term success for our customers. Learn more about the Hagerman training experience.