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Service, Support and Data Protection

Matt Lane

Computer-hacking stories emerge on a near daily basis. They range from customer data being stolen from large consumer companies to confidential government files being compromised. We’ve even seen the sports world affected when one major league baseball team hacked into the scouting system of another team (Unfortunately, my favorite team was guilty of the hacking!).

Similar issues arise in the CAD and data management arena as well. Our customers need to protect their 2D and 3D CAD drawings and models from competitors, former employees, overseas business partners and suppliers, etc. While providing consultative and/or support services for our customers, we frequently receive information electronically, in order to review and troubleshoot. In order to protect our customers and their data, we recommend the following safeguards:

  • Before sending any documents, CAD drawings, models or other data files to us or others, please make sure that you are authorized to send this particular type of file and/or information. In some cases, companies only wish to share CAD data in DWF or PDF format in order to ensure better security. Other companies may wish to only share 2D drawings and not 3D models.
  • Next, ensure that Hagerman & Company has authorization by your management to receive the data.
  • If the above is authorized, also confirm that these specific files or data can be sent.
  • Check to make sure what platforms (email, FTP, cloud portal, physical media, etc.) are acceptable transfer mechanisms within your organization
  • Before asking Hagerman & Company to pass data on to one of our software suppliers (Autodesk, BlueCielo, Synergis, etc.) for further technical review and troubleshooting, please make certain that it is authorized by your organization.

While these precautions may seem like overkill, they are essential to protect your valuable data and all parties involved. With busy schedules and pressing deadlines, we are always looking for work to be completed as quickly as possible. Expediency, however, should never be placed ahead of data security and proper company procedure.

Hagerman & Company’s goal is to provide customers with the best and most responsive consulting and support services in the industry. We also want to make sure that our customers’ precious intellectual property is protected and will strive to do everything in our power to enable that.