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The Most Delightfully Surprising Things Designed in AutoCAD, Part II

Hagerman & Company
We know AutoCAD is used to design just about everything. From moving chandeliers and art museums to cell phone towers and complex plumbing systems, we know it’s versatile, but even we’re surprised sometimes by just how versatile it is. Here are some (more) of our favorite surprising items designed with help from AutoCAD.

Psst: Don’t forget to check out Part I.

These laser-cut butterflies that got to skip the cocoon phase:


Courtesy: Instructables member Mr_o_uk

And where better for butterflies to congregate than in a beautiful raised timber pond with a waterfall and a bench?


Courtesy: Instructables member SebElliott

…or maybe with some fake plastic trees?


Courtesy: @NFHSEngArch

If (like Radiohead) you’re not feeling those fake plastic trees, get out of town by joining the jet set with this F-22 raptor “that can fit inside an Altoids can.”


Courtesy: Instructables member laptoprahul

But try to stay away from monsters like this hexapod robot while you’re traveling!


Courtesy: Instructables member costaud

If you can defeat robots, maybe it’s time…


Courtesy: @VehicularSugar

…to join the Avengers!


Courtesy: rfpartwork’s Etsy shop

But we know that a hard day of superheroing requires a good night’s rest, but your AutoCAD journey doesn’t need to end when you close your eyes. Our own Heidi Hewett designed this quilt using… AUTOCAD!


Check out the iterations and final design here:


What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve designed with AutoCAD? Chime in in the comments!


Blog post written by Leah E. Friedman, first appeared in Autodesk Blog.