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New Options for Autodesk® Vault® - Vault Data Standard and Vault Office

Hagerman & Company

A couple of exciting new options for Autodesk® Vault® that may have snuck under the radar are Autodesk Vault Standard and the new Autodesk Vault Office client. Both of these options can greatly extend the value and functionality of Autodesk Vault Workgroup or Professional.

Vault Office, which was previously only available as a seldom utilized extension to the Vault web client, is now available as a desktop client option for customers who have seats of Vault Workgroup or Professional. Vault Office provides all of the functionality of Workgroup or Professional minus the CAD integrations. (Vault Office users can still perform viewing, markup, approval, etc. of CAD files.) As a result, Vault Office is a great tool to use to expand your company’s use of Vault to a larger segment of your user population including other departments, document types, lifecycle workflows, etc.

Best of all, Vault Office is only approximately $500 per concurrent license making it a very affordable way to expand the benefits of data and document management throughout the rest of your organization. With Vault Office, we would now strongly urge everyone to take a look at Autodesk Vault as a true enterprise document solution.

Vault Data Standard is an extension for Workgroup and Professional that is available from the Autodesk Subscription Center. Previously, Vault lacked the ability to create custom property pages, tabs and new document creation wizards and relate them to the file types or document categories in Vault. This was a valuable standard feature with other systems that we have worked with in the past. Now, with Vault Data Standard, this functionality has come to Autodesk Vault.

The Data Standard forms and wizards can be configured to appear in AutoCAD, Inventor or Vault Explorer to allow for support of all file types managed in Vault. Within the Vault client, the file, folder, change order and/or item information can be displayed and edited on easy to use and fully customizable tabs. With Data Standard, the following features are available:

  • Forms-based entry of all document property values
  • Configuration of different forms, pages and wizards based on file type or document category
  • Easy drop-down menu selection of property values, folder locations, document categories, filenaming schemes, etc.
  • Enforcing entry of required property values
  • Creation of parent-child drop lists
  • Automatic calculation of property values and/or file folder locations
  • Additional automation and system integration via associated PowerShell applications

If you would like to see Vault Data Standard in action, feel free to contact your local Hagerman & Company office, or search for Vault Data Standard videos on YouTube. (Videos published by “TheVaultKnowsAll” or James Tennant are the most informative.) In addition, Hagerman & Company is ready to help configure Vault Data Standard to your company’s exact needs and specifications.

With Vault Office and Vault Data Standard, we believe that Autodesk has taken a huge step forward in making its Vault product line even more valuable to its users, both within the engineering department and throughout the entire organization.

Submitted by Matt Lane, Director of Consulting Services