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Save Time and Duplicate a Sheet in Revit

Alice Craig

Duplicating a selected sheet in a Revit® project

Once a standard sheet is set up, you can duplicate the sheet, including not just the titleblock and parameters but schedules, legends, keynotes, and annotations.

This tool can keep sheets consistent and save time laying out each new sheet.

  1. With your Project open. Select a sheet in the Project Browser.
  2. Right Click, click Duplicate Sheet, and select one of the options as follows:
    • Duplicate Empty Sheet - A new sheet is created with only the titleblock, information, and any project/shared parameters used by the titleblock.
    • Duplicate with Sheet Detailing - A new sheet is created. All schedules, legends, keynotes, and annotations will be included.
    • Duplicate with Views - A new sheet is created. You are prompted to decide how views on the sheet will be duplicated. Views can be duplicated as follows:
      • Duplicate - Only model elements in the view are duplicated in a new independent view.

Note: If the sheet being duplicated contains drafting views, the drafting view will not be duplicated. To duplicate drafting views on the sheet, select Duplicate with detailing.

      • Duplicate with detailing - Model and annotation elements in the view are duplicated in a new independent view.
      • Duplicate as a dependent - View is duplicated as a dependent view.