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Save Time and Duplicate a Sheet in Revit

Alice Craig

Duplicating a selected sheet in a Revit® project

Once a standard sheet is set up, you can duplicate the sheet, including not just the titleblock and parameters but schedules, legends, keynotes, and annotations.

Often, when setting up a sheet in Revit®, there are elements that you may want in the same location on multiple sheets, such as a vicinity map key, North arrow, legend, a 2D drafting view or symbol.

In the past, this could have been a challenge when laying out individual sheets in Revit.

In 2023, an enhancement to Revit included the Duplicate Sheet option.

Once a sheet is laid out, you can choose one of the three duplicate sheet options depending on how much of the sheet you want duplicated.

    • Duplicate Empty Sheet -
    • Duplicate with Sheet Detailing -
    • Duplicate with Views - (Views must be defined to activate this option)

      • Duplicate-
      • Duplicate with Detailing
      • Duplicate as a Dependent