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Why You Need CAD Consulting for Better Data Management

Hagerman & Company
Why You Need CAD Consulting for Better Data Management

There’s a common theme we often hear from customers: They know their data and data management workflows are not good, but they don’t know what to do about it.

Data and data management is foundational to success. Without it, achieving efficiency, accuracy, and innovation is impossible. When we look under the hood with our clients, we often find that the core issue lies not in the software or how they’re using it but in the quality of the CAD data feeding into their Product Data Management (PDM) systems. 

Remember the age-old wisdom of “Garbage in = Garbage out?” The principle remains the same here. CAD file data reviews are necessary before any type of PDM process improvements can be made. For example, if one engineer abbreviates “assembly” in the file description as ASM, another uses ASSY, and a third uses ASY. They all mean the same thing but now automation is more difficult because each possible abbreviation needs to be taken into account when the automation rules are written. 

In short, if the data foundation is flawed, no amount of process optimization or tool implementation will solve the underlying issues. The first step in addressing data management challenges is to ensure the data itself is accurate, consistent, and reliable. Utilizing CAD consulting can help you know where to start.

Step Back and Ask Yourself: What is the Current State of My Data?

On a high level, your CAD data needs to be solid before moving forward. Think of fixing the data similar to repairing the foundation of a house. You wouldn’t install a new roof on a structure with a failing foundation. Similarly, improving PDM processes without first ensuring the integrity of your CAD data is putting the cart before the horse. Taking a step back to understand the current status of your data – in addition to your data management needs – can set the stage for improved productivity and a true competitive edge.

In this article, we offer an understanding of the value of better data management and how it can prepare you and your business for the future. 

Better Data Management Leads to Higher Productivity

Uniformity in data across PDM processes is a necessity. Clarity and accuracy in the data fed into subsequent processes ensure that drawings align with the actual data. This harmony is the backbone of productivity and will eliminate costly errors.

A new concept, called Common Data Environment (CDE), provides a way to measure the state of data management. This naturally improves efficiency and productivity. When data is consistent and accessible across all platforms, the entire operation moves smoother, faster, and more accurately.

“Effective data management means business leaders can stay abreast of the ever-surging tide of data, as well as deploying new services quickly, and scaling faster.”

- Technology Magazine

Challenges we often see stem from a fragmented approach to data management. For instance, CAD data exists in one silo while Autodesk Vault® operates in another. This separation creates barriers to data consistency and accessibility. That ultimately affects the organization’s ability to automate processes effectively, and there’s a real impact on efficiency. Teams spend more time reconciling data discrepancies than on innovation and development!

Utilize best practices – tailored to your organization's unique needs and environments. By doing so, you lay the groundwork for a more productive, agile, and competitive business. A commitment to uniform, clear, and accurate data management practices will pave the way for automation and efficiency. 

Hagerman experts, through CAD consulting, can help you understand where to look for this within your organization.

Keep Ahead of the Competition Down the Line

By prioritizing data integrity and adaptability, companies can not only stay ahead of current competitors but also position themselves to navigate future challenges. Utilizing tools like Autodesk Vault® is a way to embrace automation and get the most out of it. Frankly, firms that fail to prepare their data for such advancements will find themselves at a disadvantage and outpaced by those who have embraced digital transformation early on.

With CAD consulting, Hagerman often recommends a strategic review of current data management practices. Consider how they could be optimized. Evaluate how data is collected, stored, accessed, and utilized within your organization. Throughout your digital transformation process, a digital thread emerges – weaving between all parts of your systems. This is an opportunity to optimize this process at every level.

But if you’re dealing with a large volume of legacy data, where do you even begin with the digital transformation? Our expert team specializes in helping firms understand the complications that can come from their own data storage.

Hagerman: Your CAD Consulting Partner for Fixing Your Data

Your path to excellence starts and ends with your data. High-quality data is essential for productivity and innovation. By getting that sorted – and implementing the right digital thread – you can create a better data environment and eliminate silos.

The future isn’t going anywhere, and technology rapidly advances every day. Positioning your firm on a foundation of cleaned-up data and data management means you’re ready. Hagerman’s CAD consulting can help you ensure your business is ready for digital transformation.

Those who are prepared will lead. Others will lag behind. Which one will you be?

It’s time to act, and we’re here to help. We assess your environment, and then provide a long-term plan to refine your data and automate your processes. Curious how? Learn more about our approach.