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Inside Look at Our Implementation Services for Manufacturing Digital Transformation

Hagerman & Company

In this era of Digital Transformation, leading engineering teams are looking for ways to modernize their tools and processes. But amidst project deadlines and other responsibilities, finding the time to do so can be a challenge.

There are many factors to consider when embarking on a PDM/PLM implementation project. Software installation and configuration, project management, legacy data migration, end-user/administrator training, custom programming, and system integration are some of the things to consider.

That’s why many companies find an implementation partner to help them. But what can you expect when it comes to this critical undertaking? In this article, we explain what to expect with digitizing initiatives and our implementation services.

What to Expect with Digital Transformation Implementation Initiatives

Adopting a Digital Transformation initiative connects people, processes, and your engineering ecosystem more effectively. This enables quicker and more cost-efficient engineering projects with reduced waste.

Some customers require only basic quick-start services, whereas others require complex projects that need a great deal of planning and implementation expertise. There are many factors to consider, which include ensuring that every stage of product development – from initial design to final manufacturing production – are covered, while complying with industry standards and regulations.

This can lead to some internal challenges. Engineering teams are juggling a lot of tasks – managing multiple versions of data and documents, meeting project deadlines, and collaborating across diverse teams to name a few. And leaders are trying to ensure their organization stays ahead of the competition.

Tools like Autodesk Vault® and Fusion Manage with Upchain allow for open and clear communication between all teams and project stakeholders. When implemented properly, like with go-live startup assistance, they can break down departmental silos and create a digital hub to drive innovation.

Do I Need Implementation Help for My Digital Transformation Initiatives?

As an engineer, you're adept at navigating budgets and innovation. But when it comes to software implementation for digital transformation initiatives across multiple locations, it's a whole different arena. This is where implementation services become crucial. 

Unlike self-implementation, these services provide expert guidance tailored to your unique needs. Your software would not only align with your designs and drawings (like in Vault) but also enhance the processes required to manufacture products. It’s time to say goodbye to manual tools like Windows Folders that bottleneck projects!

By choosing digital transformation implementation services, similar to document management consulting services, you leverage expertise that goes beyond the standard software capabilities. This partnership not only streamlines your workflow but also unlocks new potential in your manufacturing team. 

Further, digitizing initiatives makes your company more attractive to engineering talent. The Harvard Business Review argues that fostering a culture that embraces advanced technology is vital for ensuring you’re a future leader in the field.

“If you want your company to become a destination for top engineers, you need to create a work environment where engineers can do what they love.”

- Harvard Business Review

Our Digital Transformation Implementation Services, Explained:

Our team will work with you, either on-site or virtually, to understand your specific needs and recommend customized solutions to ensure that the new system will meet your goals. Our services cover the installation, setup, and integration of new software or systems into an organization’s existing workflow.

We don’t just focus on installing Autodesk Vault Professional® either – our implementation services hone in on Autodesk® PDM/PLM software installation, Fusion Manage with Upchain®, Autodesk Vault PLM®, general configuration, and more. 

Think of our implementation services as your collaborative partner in turning your digital needs into reality, without the pitfalls of self-implementation.

Our goal is for you to use industry software to better streamline your product or manufacturing engineering. As you add more engineers to your team, there must be a digital solution to manage the chaos.

Beyond installing the right tool for your team, the right implementation services can help migrate your legacy data to the new software as needed. With our help in implementing a digital initiative, you can expect the following: 

  • Improved team productivity (without manual bottlenecks)
  • Better decision-making
  • Improved supply chain collaboration, if you move to the cloud

Are you still unsure if your situation could benefit from our services? If you’d like to see how your company ranks among companies that have digital transformation initiatives, take this quiz.

Hagerman implementation services include in-depth consultation to understand your unique project requirements and software needs. We think deeply about the specific needs of our customers and support them appropriately.

Our partnership enhances your entire process and ensures that your new tools elevate your current work.

“Communication and influence at the team and organizational levels are vital to success. The best [manufacturing and] product development teams operate autonomously, but that doesn't mean they do it alone.”

- Enabling Software Developers Through Engineering Effectiveness, via Forbes Technology Council

Experience the Hagerman Touch

You deserve to get the most out of the services and software you invest in. Installing and configuring the right software for your team means you can cut down on the digital chaos – and let your team do what they do best.

Hagerman’s expertise lies in decades of knowledge about the unique challenges faced by engineers and the world in which they operate. We pride ourselves on having a team with hundreds of years worth of real-world experience.

That’s the Hagerman touch. It means a commitment to customization, efficiency, and continuous support.

Your growth is our growth. Learn more about our Digital Transformation initiative implementation services today.