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M.D. Henry Company Attains 25% Time Savings in Part Creation Process

Hagerman & Company

Autodesk Inventor Custom App Provides More Flexibility, Fewer Steps

Customer Challenge

M. D. Henry Company, Inc. of Alabama generates and distributes power, supplying batteries, chargers, regulators, breakers, transformers, and other substation equipment to clients worldwide. At the outset of the project, M. D. Henry was using an existing application to create parts in SolidWorks®. This application needed to be updated to make the parts in Autodesk Inventor®.

Project Goals

M. D. Henry’s goal was to eliminate steps needed to create parts with the new custom application, effectively streamlining the process.


Hagerman & Company offered suggestions for the new application that provided time-saving solutions for the process to create parts using Inventor.

Business Outcome

The new application eliminated several steps and repetitive data entry, reducing the time processing each part by an estimated 25%.


The new application is now being used with Inventor, which is their preferred design software. Engineers also have more flexibility in the way the application is used. By eliminating several steps and allowing the application to do the work, productivity gains and time savings have positively impacted their business.



Project Summary

Delivery Date: 2021
Project Duration: 2 months
Autodesk Solutions:
Professional Services:
Updated a custom application to be used with Inventor

About the company:
M. D. Henry Company, Inc. (MDH) has provided T&D products and services for the electrical power industry for almost forty years. MDH serves the utility, municipal, and industrial markets and supplies distributors and contractors, as well. MDH equipment has shipped throughout the United States and internationally.