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AutoCAD Tips Every User Should Know

Kendred Cooper

Supercharge your productivity with these valuable AutoCAD® tips and tricks that cover a wide range of topics, including the setup, configuration, and management of drawing templates, specialty drawing commands, and clever ways to enhance your workflow with existing commands. We'll reveal time-saving techniques to help you complete your tasks faster.

Our AutoCAD expert uncovers a wealth of insights, drawing from both recent AutoCAD commands and workflows, as well as some lesser-known gems that may surprise you.

  • Arc/Circle smoothness in OPTIONS (REGEN) / Hardware Acceleration=OFF
  • Design Center to drag-n-drop resource items between drawings
  • Layer = NO PRINT
  • Fields (sq ft of area, filename in Title Block, custom info in)
  • Purge
  • Audit
  • Recover
  • WHOHAS (network file in use)
  • OPTIONS Drafting Tab, Selections Tab to change pick-box sizes
  • Shift+RightClick for OSNAP menu
  • Add Layer pull-down to QuickAccess toolbar, Layers accessible no matter which Ribbon is active
  • Properties Palette
  • Layer Groups (all frozen layers vs all thawed, Grouped by Dept, by sector, etc)
  • Bottom-Right Status Bar choices
  • Double-click Middle button/wheel for Zoom All
  • Delete Duplicates (line on top of line on top of line on top of line on top of line on top of…)
  • SKETCH (handy for tracing/outlining non-geometric entities from scanned photos)
  • Xline (alignment axis lines on Construction Layer)
  • Old School input methods (@) when DynamicInput=OFF
  • LayerWalk (what objects are on what Layer)
  • Divide
  • Fillet/Chamfer+Shift=0
  • Fence & Crossing Window Trim/Extend
  • Scale Reference
  • Rotate Reference
  • “Mid Between 2 Points” OSNAP (such as during Move and referencing a startpoint)
  • Hyperlinks
  • PLine Linetype Generation
  • Break up Hatch areas to better identify problem zones
  • Crossing vs Window Selection
  • Recent Selections:  P for Previous selection, “all” for All, L for Last “created”
  • Quick Select (filtering)
  • Grips, General & Grips, Polyline options
  • DOS Screenmenu (redefine:  screenmenu, command: SCREENMENU = 1) / AutoCAD ONLY
  • End of Day:  SAVEALL and CLOSEALL (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!)
  • Command Macro is:  ^C^Csaveall  ; _closeall