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BlueCielo Meridian and Synergis Adept Updates

Matt Lane

BlueCielo Meridian and Synergis Adept continue to advance and update their offerings, providing document management and workflow solutions to help your company effectively leverage valuable content across the entire enterprise. Here are just a few of the most valuable developments:

Synergis Adept:

As many of you already know (and may already be using in production), Synergis has released Adept 2017.  The biggest advancement in Adept 2017 is the release of a totally new and modernized user interface.  This new UI has received rave reviews and replaces the old toolbars and menus with a ribbon and tab interface. The new UI not only reduces clicks for greater productivity, it provides easier and faster access to every command. In addition, Adept’s old multi-window interface has been trimmed down to a Single Window Interface for easier navigation and less clutter.  A number of other strong features and improvements have been made to Synergis Adept 2017 as well.

In addition, Synergis is in the process of releasing their new Adept Integrator, which is an out-of-the-box integration platform that connects IT, ERP, and financial systems, enabling you to orchestrate data flows that support your business goals. Adept Integrator allows you to connect the information in your enterprise business systems with the Adept engineering information management solution, and to connect those systems to one another.  Adept Integrator offers a comprehensive, out-of-the-box library of certified and optimized connectors and adaptors, including SAP, Oracle, JDE, IBM, SharePoint, Primavera, Microsoft Project along with a number of leading CRM solutions.

Due to the success of last year’s event, Synergis will again be hosting their Adept Experience conference on October 12-17 in Bethlehem, PA.  Adept Experience is designed to allow Adept users to learn, share and connect with knowledge experts from Synergis and the Adept community. For more information, click on https://experience.synergissoftware.com/

A very interesting blog article from Synergis recently discussed the problem of intellectual property theft and how almost 50% of a company’s value exists in its proprietary intellectual property such as engineering drawings.  The article went on to discuss all of the advantages of using a data management system like Adept (as opposed to Windows Explorer) for protecting engineering drawings and other intellectual property from theft.  Let us know if this is a concern of yours and you would like to learn more.

BlueCielo Meridian:

This spring BlueCielo released the 2017 version of Meridian which includes a multitude of new features and capabilities, including support for new versions of Autodesk and SolidWorks CAD products. This new version delivers 20% general Meridian performance increase over 2016, a 5-10X Explorer synchronization performance increase and support for SQL Express and SQL clusters. Additionally, more improvements were made to Power Web, further allowing it to replace usage of the desktop Power User.

BlueCielo now has a mobile app for Meridian that offers the flexibility of compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets.  Meridian Mobile offers the ability to search, retrieve and view documents and allows reviewers and approvers of documents the ability to work anywhere.

BlueCielo recently made their 2016 annual report available on their company web site.  Highlights included increased sales and continued strong profitability, an installed base of 1200+ customers and the full customer release of the Meridian360 collaboration portal.

If you would like further information on the benefits of these products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!