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Windows Search Integration with MS Server 2019

Jeremy Clay

ServerAs of July 2021, Accruent was very happy to announce that we have overcome the technical challenges of supporting Windows Search running on Windows Server 2019.

These challenges resulted from security changes in Windows Server 2019, which required a complete restructure of how the Meridian text filters ('IFilters’) for CAD documents are integrated with Windows Search. These updates and a bug fix released in the first quarter of this year have resulted in full-text search integration.

With the Meridian 2021 R2 release, Windows Search will be fully supported by Meridian on Windows Server 2019. For the supported Meridian versions (Meridian 2019, 2019 R2, 2020, 2020 R2, and 2021) and their respective updates, Accruent will be publishing a patch to provide the same support. This patch is expected to be available in August of this year.