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Which Comes First: the Grid Line or the Level Line?

Alice Craig

I'm here with a few tips on creating Level and Grid lines (the order does matter) in Revit.


When creating a grid it is more efficient to use the Offset option while creating a new Grid line than the copy command unless you only want a Reference view and not a Floor or Ceiling plan view.

news-2018-nov-revit-2If you use copy to create a new view and you decide that you do ultimately need a floor or ceiling plan, then you will need to us the Plan View tool on the View tab to generate the view for a floor or ceiling plan.

When creating Levels and Grids it is a good idea to draw your levels first to ensure that your grid lines pass through all the grids lines that your project needs.

If you add a Level after your Grid lines and the new Level is beyond the 3D bubble of your Grid line, it will not show up on the associated plan view levels.


Level 3 was added after the Grid lines were drawn.

Level 3 is beyond the 3D bubble of the Grid lines, so the Grid line does not cross the plan of the level and does not display in the Level 3 view.