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West-Mark Tank, Inc. Increases Productivity with Vault Professional

Hagerman & Company

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Customer Challenge

West-Mark Tank produces transport tanks for various industries, including food and beverage, oil and gas, and specialty industries. A better communication solution was needed for the engineering and manufacturing teams to manage a large number of designs and provide assembly details.

Project Goals

West-Mark Tank sought to implement a centralized digital repository for engineering projects so that their manufacturing team could quickly find and review designs to ease collaboration and increase productivity.


Hagerman & Company assisted West-Mark Tank with a Vault Professional implementation and provided consulting and implementation services to enable the quick search for projects on demand. The thin client viewing technology allows the manufacturing team to easily view the files for collaboration and design validation.

Business Outcome

The Vault Professional implementation was completed on time and on budget and has helped the manufacturing and engineering teams to communicate more effectively. Annual CAD and Vault upgrades enable West-Mark Tank to keep up with technology and increase throughput and production capabilities.


Hagerman & Company’s technical team was accessible and responsive and provided answers to questions promptly, allowing any ongoing support issues to be resolved quickly. This level of accessibility allowed West-Mark Tank to focus on their work and to grow their business.

About West-Mark Tank, Inc.

WEST-MARK manufactures many different types of trucks and trailers that meet the transportation industry's needs with the most extensive facilities of it's kind in the western United States.