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Autodesk® Inventor® HSM

Hagerman & Company

This year Autodesk has released Autodesk® Inventor® HSM, a CAM product that will benefit many companies around the globe.

Inventor HSM runs right inside of Autodesk Inventor and will prove to be a better CAD/CAM solution, while working faster and producing top quality parts.


There are multiple benefits to Inventor HSM being an integrated CAM solution. Since users are already comfortable working with Autodesk Inventor workflows and navigation tools, Autodesk Inventor HSM will be a breeze. Design changes are updated instantly since you never leave the software and you will not need to manage multiple files.


When it comes to machining, every second counts. Autodesk Inventor HSM has a toolset of functions that sets a new standard for performance. This product is built around proven CAM technology that utilizes a 64-bit multi core kernel to handle large complex models and their associated toolpaths. The post processor for Autodesk Inventor HSM can produce code at a staggering 200,000 lines per second. There is a new roughing technology, called Adaptive Clearing, which is used to create high quality finished parts, all while greatly reducing the wear on your tools.

Quality is critical! Being able to save time with an integrated solution is meaningless if you can’t create quality parts. That is why Autodesk Inventor HSM has tools to verify and simulate tool speed, direction and more. For those times that you want to “tweak” your g-code, there is a powerful CNC editor that is included with the software. When it comes to your machining center and the code that is required to run the program, Autodesk Inventor HSM has customizable post processors you may modify to suit your needs.


Whether you need simple 2.5 axis, or up to 5 axis, Autodesk Inventor HSM has you covered. This is a better solution, is faster and produces the top quality parts you strive for. For more information fell free to contact your Hagerman & Company representative, or visit CAM.Autodesk.com.

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Submitted by Mark Lautenbach, MCAD Solutions Engineer, Hagerman & Company, Inc.