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Revit 2017.1 Update

Alice Craig

When installing the Revit 2017.1 update, Collaboration v3 for Revit 2017 is directly contained within the Revit 2017.1 Update and will install with the update.

What’s New:

  • Collaboration v3 for Revit® 2017 includes a simplified Cloud Project Upgrade for Revit 2016 Cloud Projects to Revit 2017 Cloud Projects.
  • A360 Rebranded to BIM 360 Team: In Collaboration v3 for Revit® 2017, BIM 360 Team has the same functionality of A360, with the added benefit of increased storage limits per user (increased to 500 GB per user)
When setting up the install of Revit 2017.1 update, confirm that the checkbox for Collaboration is enabled. You may see several pop-up windows as various components are downloaded and installed.  When the installer completes, you will see a splash screen confirming that Autodesk BIM 360 TEAM, Collaboration for Revit and Autodesk Personal Accelerator for Revit have been successfully installed. At this point, your Autodesk Revit has been updated and is ready for use.
You will need the appropriate entitlements to access the new functionality.